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Saturday, 13 April 2013 | Saturday, April 13, 2013 | 0 comments


JUNNAH. Yong Junhyung and Kim Hyuna. Aku saja nak stalk balik pasal Junhyung dengan Hyuna. Bukan apa sebelum Junhyung dengan Hara couple. Hyuna dengan Junhyung mesra je. Sehari selepas Jun dengan Hara couple terus keluar lagu baru Hyuna. A Bitter Day. Bila aku tengok lirik dia balik. Macam ada maksud antara diorang berdua lah. Hyuna Junhyung. Dulu diorang comel je. Geram aku tengok but sekarang ni dah lain sikt eh bukan sikit tapi banyak. Junhyung dah macam selalu mengelak aku rasa.

Even though the weather is nice, I don’t feel good at all
Feels like it’s making fun of me, I start to get angry
Drowning in a difficult situation, I start to thrash
But the world is the exact opposite, it spins perfectly fine as if nothing is wrong
And you are also living well, It’s not fair, this is really not fair
Even the stares from the people passing by shows sympathy for me
Nothing is working out for me and because I missed the stop I was supposed to be off
I am suddenly reminded by the thoughts of you
The beaten up bus stop I got off looked even lonelier today so the tears just started to fall down
And like that I kept on walking for a long time
I started to miss you, who I used to just hate
Because I was so pathetic in my past days when I didn’t even have the strength to hold on to you
No matter what I say, it will all sound like an excuse to you
Even when I tell you that all of these words are for you
You were really too much for me, I almost felt uncomfortable like wearing the clothes that didn’t match me
You were beautiful, but watching you wither away next to me, how do you think that would make me feel?
I shouldn’t have started at all, I shouldn’t have looked into your eyes the first time I met you
I thought that I would feel weightless if I let you go, but that wasn’t it
My mind understood the farewell, but my heart wouldn’t give in
Every day I would repeat drawing you and erasing you
I would handle all the suffering, I just wish that you would be happy
So that I this decision I made would not be worthless or bring any regrets
I will always pray for you
I will erase you little by little, when time passes I will be able to remember you with a smile
Instead of the cliché phrase saying that time is the cure, please tell me a more definite way
You will be able to receive even a better love compared to the one you received from me, you are still beautiful
You said we were going to remain forever, in the end we are the same as the others
A bitter day, everything will erase this way
Someday it will all be forgotten
That day will come